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Hello, my future readers and followers for the next several decades I will thrive to inform, enable, and indulge yall in the colloquial dialogue of native Oklahomans (my native state) when I am not blogging I am mentally traveling the world in a virtual sense of reliving my Navy port calls in Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean. I only bunked in Vietnam for about 90 days and nites before returning to Japan my home base. I was a career-minded sailor and my immersion in naval electronics and avionics cause me to only have a micro-memory of selling my first four lines of greeting card verse at eleven years old at one-dollar a line. Four dollars could buy a lot for an eleven-year-old in those days. If you are not a blogging reader, I am going to make you one. Join me here on Roy Roper is Write.


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Managing Misinformation

We are bombarded in this 21st century with information. Henceforth, because of this data bombardment, there is an abundance of "misinformation". Managing misinformation is an internet consumer nightma




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